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The Supreme Court decision on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that guts Roe vs Wade will have a direct and devastating impact on low-wage earners, people of color and working families and have rippling effects across our society and economy. The economic and health disparities that affect people of color and low-wage people will be made worse by removing access to reproductive healthcare.

Not only will the end Roe result in forced birth and pregnancy, but those who are denied safe and legal abortions go on to experience higher rates of poverty and unemployment. The Supreme Court and legislators who will use this ruling to make abortion illegal have made the decision to force an entire generation of children to grow up in poverty and trap whole families in a cycle of intergenerational economic insecurity.

The protections in Roe vs. Wade hinged on our right to privacy. The recent decision will have far-reaching effects on oppressed communities. Without a right to privacy, our fundamental rights regarding everything from birth control to marriage equality and healthcare will be vulnerable. The attacks on our rights to reproductive healthcare and other human rights are a targeted attempt on low-wage earners, people of color and working families – designed to preserve the power of the wealthy and white. It’s not an accident, and we will not stop fighting until our equal rights are restored.

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Leng Leng Chancey


June 15th was LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Day. We know that LGBTQIA+ people experience higher rates of discrimination and harassment in the workplace and that the pay gap widens when race, sexuality and gender identity are combined creating huge differences in these pay gaps across identities. More than half of states LGBTQIA+ people lack basic freedoms and protections in health care, education, housing, and more just because of who they are, and it’s inexcusable. 

Unequal pay, homophobic and transphobic legislation, and the end of Roe vs. Wade are all connected. Infact, in his dissenting opinion, Justice Thomas outright threatened the rights to gay marriage. Those in power are intentionally stripping LGBTQIA+ people of their rights to preserve their power and sow division. We must begin by passing the bare minimum- the Equality Act.



Having a stable, affordable place to call home is becoming more at risk for mobile home park residents as corporate landlords buy parks and raise rent. We met at the capitol to demand protections for homeowners.


This virtual workshop teaches tips and tricks to be prepared for your next job interview and be able to identify and respond to illegal interview questions.


Join us for our July Collective Liberation Series on July 23rd where we will be commemorating 57 years of the Civil Rights Act. 

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When You Live in a Food Desert, Every Day Is a Formula Shortage

As the baby formula crisis worsens, it’s also magnifying disparities in the U.S.

We’ve been focused on the formula shortage knowing that people of color and low income earners are being most affected. The shortage magnified the disparities, food deserts, and highlighted the need for paid leave. 

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Demand at food banks is way up again. But inflation makes it harder to meet the need

Inflation affects working people and people of color the most: “Low-income households feel rising prices the most because they spend a far greater share of their income on necessities. Food alone makes up nearly a third of their budget, on average.”

Childcare Access Is the Difference Between Economic Opportunity and Homelessness

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