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9to5 Colorado

4130 Tejon St, Unit A

Denver, CO 80218

Phone: (303) 628-0925


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Current Campaigns

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Work/Family Policy

Everyone has a sick child or relative at some point, yet 88% of Coloradans don’t have paid leave to care for a seriously ill family member, welcome a new baby or recover from a personal illness. The CO FAMLI Act will create a family and medical leave insurance program for all Colorado employees.

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Affordable Housing

9to5 recognizes housing as a human right and sees the lack of affordable housing as a factor that contributes to the wage gap. Some of the specific issues 9to5 is currently working on is renter’s rights on the state and local level, affordable housing, community control of land, development without displacement, and rights for mobile home owners.

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Workplace Equity

9to5 Colorado’s work centers low income and vulnerable populations in the workforce. We have led efforts to close the gender pay gap in Colorado for over 20 years, prioritizing the need of women of color. We are currently offering Know Your Rights in the Workplace trainings and helped pass the 2019 Equal Work for Equal Pay bill. 

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Latinas need to work until we're 94 years old to catch up to the pay which white men earn by the time they're 60.

People of color & 40% of women make up the majority of low-wage workers. We deserve better. #FightFor15 #LatinaEqualPay #DemandMore

What does #equality at work mean to #Latinx families? Decent wages, housing, paid family and medical leave, and so much more. #LatinaEqualPay #DemandMore #economicjustice

It is estimated that Latina workers stand to lose more than $1 million over a 40-year period due to the wage gap. #LatinaEqualPay #DemandMore


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9to5 Colorado Chapter Staff

Judith Marquez

Colorado State Co-Director

Judith has a strong background in grassroots community organizing for racial and economic justice in Denver, Colorado. Having grown up as a daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, Judith roots her work in her own family and community’s struggle for justice and liberation. Judith has worked in community on legislative campaigns to promote immigrants and workers rights, campaigns to stop community members’ deportations and most recently organizing with Latino day laborers to fight wage theft. She is passionate about bringing an anti-oppression and intersectional frame to the social change work in the state.


Andrea “Dre” Chiriboga-Flor

Colorado State Co-Director

Dre started at 9to5 as a public transit organizer but has taken on housing as her main area of work as the housing crisis has progressed throughout the Colorado metro area. Her specific focuses include mobile homes, community control of land, renter’s rights, and she helped co-anchor the coalition Colorado Homes For All, which is based on a national housing justice movement started by Right to the City called Homes For All. Before coming to 9to5 she worked with United Students Against Sweatshops and the Workers Rights Consortium as a volunteer and later worked in childcare, all of which furthered her interest in the intersections of labor, race, and gender.


Ashley Panelli

Paid Leave Organizer

Ashley is a paid leave organizer with 9to5 Colorado advocating for accessible paid family and medical leave policies across the state. She began her organizing work as the chair of the Denver DSA Socialist Feminist committee and prioritizes centering women and people of color in the fight for economic justice. Prior to working at 9to5, Ashley was a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional for developmentally-disabled women with psychiatric disorders. As a black women born to a Jamaican immigrant, Ashley is invested in rooting her work at the intersection of race, class, and gender discrimination.


Cesiah Guadarrama Trejo

Housing Organizer

Cesiah is a housing organizer with 9to5 Colorado, organizing in mobile home communities and pushing for more renter’s rights at the state level.. Born in Morelos, Mexico, she moved to Colorado when she was six years old. Cesiah first became an advocate by helping to pass legislation that granted undocumented college students in Colorado in-state tuition. Cesiah earned her degree in political science with a minor in women’s studies.


State Board

Regan Byrd
Anti-oppression activist, trainer, and non-profit operations professional.

Kris Garcia
Community organizer & solutions specialist. Family is what is most important to Kris.

De Jimenez
Certified Medical Assistant empowering patients through education.

Jackie Parkins
Organizer with the Colorado Education Association

Alana Stevenson

Jasmine White
Community volunteer and Activities Specialist

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