As my time at 9to5 winds down I am reflecting on the incredible things we’ve done together. We passed paid leave policies, helped families through the pandemic shutdowns, registered countless voters, fought for housing rights, and so much more. I believe that leadership is so much more than one person and from my first days at 9to5 I focused on building leaders in our staff and members. 

I’m so proud to pass the torch to two of our homegrown leaders, Ashley Panelli and Mica Whitfield, who have led so much of this progress. They will be the first Black women to lead 9to5 and I couldn’t be more excited to see the change they make for our families and communities.    

In Solidarity,
Leng Leng Chancey


Last week and for the first time, the Senate Finance Committee hosted a hearing on paid leave. Paid leave would help our families, particularly Black and Brown communities who have disparately low access to paid time to care, make ends meet during uncertain times.

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Organizing Manager: Georgia

Albany Organizer: Albany Georgia

Human Resources Coordinator: Remote 

Communications and Data Coordinator II: Wisconsin

Graduate Research Assistant: Child Care Campaigns: Georgia

Highlights From the Field


Colorado’s paid family and medical leave program, FAMLI, starts soon! Check out our video for what you need to know about the program.


Join 9to5 Georgia, on 11/9 for Survivors Speaking Out, a webinar for survivors of harassment who are interested in speaking out. All are welcome!


Don’t forget that local elections are just as important as the headline-grabbing ones! Make sure you’re ready to vote by checking your registration.

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