Hi friend,

In these final days of 2022, I’m reflecting on the challenges and successes of this past year. Despite attacks on our reproductive freedom, the rising costs of everything, and ongoing challenges like lack of access to paid leave, you have continued fighting for a better future for women of color and our families. 

That passion and resiliency keeps us all energized in this fight. Together, we nearly met the most ambitious fundraising goal we’ve ever had in a year where every penny counts. I couldn’t be more grateful for every one of you. 

I’m so proud of what we have accomplished together. Throughout this newsletter, we’re looking back and highlighting our big wins. I look forward to standing next to you in this fight in 2024. 

Wishing you and your families a Happy New Year,
Leng Leng Chancey
Executive Director

The odds were stacked against us- but together people of color, women, young people, and working people all came together on election day to defend our rights and elect politicians who fight for the things we care about like paid leave, equal pay, affordable child care, and more. 

This year Colorado continued the fight for housing justice by passing legislation that gives mobile homeowners increased protections. We strengthened our member involvement by developing multiple grassroots committees for our core campaign areas and surveyed members about how climate issues are affecting them.

In every industry, every education level, every city, and every job, women are paid less than men. On average, women make 83 cents for every dollar a white male makes in the same role and the gap widens when you account for race, sexuality, and parenthood. We’ve spent all year developing new tools and collecting resources to help close the pay gap.

This year Wisconsin has focused on building our power and launched the Collective Liberation series. We helped strengthen community leaders by hosting multiple classes of Justice Fellows, registered and engaged with voters, and advocated for paid leave at the local level in several cities and counties. Next year we’ll be hosting our Winter Leadership Symposium – sign up below for updates!

When the draft opinion on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization leaked in June we knew the lives and livelihoods of women of color were in jeopardy. We know the end of Roe vs. Wade means an entire generation of children to grow up in poverty and trap whole families will become trapped in a cycle of intergenerational economic insecurity. Now more than ever, our work for paid leave, the climate, affordable child care, living wages, and economic security for all is essential.

This year, the Georgia chapter has been building our coalition work across the state to help us fight for paid leave, affordable child care, pay equity, utilities justice, safe & respectful workplaces, and more. We’ve hosted several cohorts of our community justice fellowship program and graduates have moved on to become community leaders for our issue campaigns. In yet another big year for elections, we exceeded our voter outreach goals! We’re sending major props to every Georgian who made their voices heard this year. As 2023 approaches, we hope you can continue to support the work that we do across the state.

Black women turn to doulas as maternal mortality crisis deepens

Black Maternal Health Week serves as a reminder that Black women are more likely to die in childbirth than other races. Many Black women are choosing to use doulas to advocate for them during birth.

Forcing Thousands of Teens to Parent in a Post-Roe Nation

The lack of access to reproductive healthcare means thousands of teenagers will be forced into parenthood. It’s more difficult for these young parents to afford basic expenses like rent, food, and childcare- making clear the connection between economic and reproductive justice.

Quitting is just half the story: the truth behind the ‘Great Resignation’ 

Last year millions of people quit their jobs, and 1.4 million fewer moms are in the labor force than in 2019. The great resignation and low labor force participation rates are in part due to moms and caregivers lacking access to paid leave.  

“The Equal Rights Amendment Has Been Ratified. It Is the Law”: U.S. House Resolution Declares ERA 28th Amendment

Can you believe women STILL are not included in the constitution? It is way past time to ensure this basic guarantee for all women. Experts say passing the ERA means there will be a stronger basis for fighting sex discrimination. 

No landlord: Mobile home community finds stability in self-government

Our Colorado chapter is working toward ensuring mobile home rent is affordable by helping residents buy and govern the land they live on. 

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Climate and Energy Justice Manager: Georgia

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