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Winning Justice for Working Women

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9to5 Georgia Info


9to5 Georgia was founded in 1980 when a group of office workers organized to improve their working conditions.

Over the past three decades we have:

  • Spearheaded the Georgia Coalition for Family and Medical Leave which successfully won legislation at the state and national level in the early 90’s;
  • Provided job retention skills workshops (including legal rights on the job, conflict resolution, balancing work and family) for women in welfare-to-work programs.
  • Lead the Atlanta Living Wage Campaign, a coalition of nearly 100 community, women’s, labor and social justice organizations working to pass a city ordinance to require wages of $10.50/hr. for jobs funded through tax-payer dollars.

Current Campaigns:

9to5 Georgia leads the Georgia Job/Family Collaborative, a statewide coalition of more than 50 community, faith and labor organizations that supports efforts to expand access to flexible workplace policies. The Collaborative is working to pass the Family Care Act, which would allow employees to use existing employer provided sick days for the care of family members.

9to5 Georgia’s The Fair Eats Campaign focuses on solutions that bring restaurant workers and the community together to raise wages for local tipped workers, while building for broader state and national change. On a federal level, our campaign is focused on helping to pass the WAGES Act. This legislation would restore the value of the minimum wage for tipped workers to 60 percent of the federal minimum wage.

The Reformed Citizens Campaign is working to eliminate hiring discrimination against those with criminal records. Our current Ban the Box campaign has won agreement from the City of Atlanta to remove the question requiring applicants to disclose their criminal record from city applications.

In addition to our three issue campaigns 9to5 Georgia also directs an Election Connection program and a Community Internship Program. Our Election Connection program promotes civic engagement among our members. During the 2012 election cycle 9to5 members helped to increase voter turnout by 16 percent through our Get out the Vote efforts.

Leadership Development:

The Community Internship Program (CIP) is an eight-week, paid leadership development program for our members. The CIP is an opportunity for members to learn how to organize and advocate for issues central to 9to5’s mission such as ending employment discrimination, raising workers’ hourly wages, and passing flexible workplace policies.

For more information about 9to5 Georgia, contact:

Erica Clemmons
Chapter Director
501 Pulliam Street SW Suite 344
Atlanta GA 30312


For a list of 9to5 Georgia Board of Directors, please click here.