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For mail and phone inquiries:
501 Pulliam St SW, Suite 344
Atlanta, GA 30312

(404) 222-0037
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Current Campaigns

Voter Registration & GOTV

I am Woman #WatchMeVote is a campaign to register 7500 Georgians, conduct 10 city-wide pop-up education shops, and help to increase voter turnout in precincts that have low voter turnout. Imagine how powerful we could be if every woman who was eligible to vote did.

Family Definitions

In 2018, families can be big or small, made up of people who share a common bond: Love. We partnered with the Family Justice Network in a project to engage local communities across Georgia in conversations about the need for public and workplace policies that include families of all shapes and sizes.

Family Care Act

9to5 was an instrumental part of the coalition group that worked to get the Family Care Act signed into state law. The Family Care Act ensures that anyone who earns sick time at work is able to use that time to care for a family member, in addition to themselves.

Power of Participation

When women participate in public life, we change our communities for the better. Our new Power of Participation training traces the history of women making their voices heard in the United States and equips women with the tools to speak out and make change today.

Latest Twitter Posts

“I have seen firsthand the racism and sexism that Black women and pregnant people face at work and the resulting fear they have of requesting accommodations.”

@nyc_midwives on why we must pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act now: https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-oped-black-mothers-need-america-20220812-or7grybtkfbjtjgen2ogk6pg4u-story.html

Have you registered to attend our August Virtual Chapter Meeting? We're hosting a training session on salary negotiation, so make sure to join us on Aug 18 at 6:30 PM.

🔗 : https://9to5.org/go/ga-aug22/

By allowing workers to take #TimeToCare without worries of losing their income or their job, #PaidLeave can help close existing racial and gender gaps in the workforce, and prevent the spread of contagious illnesses at work.
Download the report at http://9to5.org/ga-paidleave.

Have you read our #paidleave report, Dollars & Sense, yet? Get involved with our campaign to get improved paid leave policies for Georgia families! https://actionnetwork.org/forms/paid-leave-interest


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