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Current Campaigns

Voter Registration & GOTV

I am Woman #WatchMeVote is a campaign to register 7500 Georgians, conduct 10 city-wide pop-up education shops, and help to increase voter turnout in precincts that have low voter turnout. Imagine how powerful we could be if every woman who was eligible to vote did.

Family Definitions

In 2018, families can be big or small, made up of people who share a common bond: Love. We partnered with the Family Justice Network in a project to engage local communities across Georgia in conversations about the need for public and workplace policies that include families of all shapes and sizes.

Family Care Act

9to5 was an instrumental part of the coalition group that worked to get the Family Care Act signed into state law. The Family Care Act ensures that anyone who earns sick time at work is able to use that time to care for a family member, in addition to themselves.

Power of Participation

When women participate in public life, we change our communities for the better. Our new Power of Participation training traces the history of women making their voices heard in the United States and equips women with the tools to speak out and make change today.

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1 year ago

Check out 9to5's very own Amna Farooqi talking about how important it is everyone in Southwest ... See more

Latest Twitter Posts

Telehealth became increasingly available during the pandemic, providing easier access to healthcare for many people who don't have access to transportation or the Internet. https://n.pr/3xw0kfq

Access to safe and legal #abortion makes sure people are ready to take on the extreme physical and financial costs of pregnancy and raising children if they choose. We cannot allow this choice to be taken away.

Here's your evergreen #voting reminder that if you're in line before the polls close, you have the right to stay in line and cast your ballot! Y'all got this — let's make our voices heard today. #9to5GAVotes #vote #runoff

2022 will be here before you know it, and we need your help to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead. We need your help to keep the momentum going. Donate now for #GivingTuesday: https://bit.ly/3D8UiCB


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