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Here’s the truth: Everything we need to achieve economic equality is on the ballot this year. Politicians have made it obvious who will protect our reproductive freedom, right to vote, our families, and our environment. It’s up to all of us to continue to show up and vote for the future we believe in.

We’re just a few weeks away from the election. Please remember to double-check your voter registration, sign up for reminders, and to find your polling location.

In Solidarity,
Leng Leng Chancey


This month we focused on Moms and Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Both would have to work an extra nine months, to September 2022, to make what a white man did in at the end of 2021. These pay gaps are the result of racism and sexism, but many times we lose money during the negotiation process. Here are some tips for negotiating for what you deserve.



Join us at 6:30 on September 29 to hear from some of our member leaders on how 9to5’s key issue areas, like paid leave, pay equity, and utilities justice, affect how they vote when election season rolls around.


Want to join our organizing for social change? We’re looking for directly impacted folks from our community to be part of our Grassroots Committees! Sign up and learn more.


Join us for our rescheduled Summer Wind Down and Reading Club! To participate, pick a book from our suggested reading list and RSVP for the virtual link!

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Data Coordinator: Colorado
Fort Co
llins/Larimer County Organizer: Colorado
Albany Organizer: Georgia
Climate and Energy Justice Manager: Georgia
Accounts Payable Clerk: Milwaukee, WI
Senior Communications Coordinator: Colorado 
Organizer: Wisconsin 
Communications Specialist: Wisconsin 

What We’re Reading

Domestic workers, long excluded from labor protections, call for codified rights
America’s 2.2 million domestic workers, who include house cleaners, home care workers and nannies, among others. These workers, mostly women, disproportionately immigrants and women of color, have long been left out of conversations about labor and the legal protections afforded to other workers.

Work-life policies are increasingly high-stakes economics
Paid sick leave is essential for all workers. No one should have to take unpaid leave to care for themselves or a loved one. “We are just asking for our workers to be able to go get their medical appointment done and not have to be at work that day.”

High rents outpace federal disability payments, leaving many homeless
The program is “meant to ensure that even the most vulnerable in that group can get housing and fill other basic needs” but with rising prices and no increase, it doesn’t.

‘This is the future’: rural Virginia pivots from coal to green jobs
We can eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels that are dangerous for our health and the environment AND we can create good-paying green jobs.

When, why, and how to get a new Covid-19 booster shot
Keep yourself, your family, and your community healthy this fall and winter. Here’s all you need to know about the new booster shot.

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