Media Coverage: In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters

Check out The New York Times story that highlights 9to5 member Stacey C. and quotes 9to5’s director of organizing. Yes, a lack of basic services (public transportation, quality schools, local businesses, community centers) in low-income segregated neighborhoods means that these working parents have additional barriers to upward economic mobility.

Media Statement: When Women Succeed, America Succeeds – An Economic Agenda for Women and Families

In the same spirit of the revolutionary women who united for women’s equality at the Seneca Falls Convention 165 years ago today, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic women unveiled a new policy agenda that highlights some key women’s economic issues: equal pay, work and family balance, and access to affordable child care.

Event: A Tribute to Wisconsin’s Working Women

We are pleased to announce that 9to5 is officially becoming a statewide organization, and we are having our kick off party and fundraiser to celebrate in Madison! Please join us for this special event where we will honor community leaders, introduce new activists, and thank our members for their amazing support.

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