Event: Raise Up MKE Worker Action

This Thursday is the one year anniversary of the first fast food workers strike in Wisconsin for higher wages and a union. Join us to kick off a summer of action to highlight income inequality with a rally at the Milwaukee County Courthouse and march to the Grand Avenue Mall.

Minimum Wage: We need an honest wage for an honest day’s work

When the recession hit, I watched as the construction business that supported my husband and I vanished before our eyes. I knew I needed to do something so I took a job at Walmart to help us make ends meet. While I make a higher hourly wage than many of my coworkers, my husband and I struggled to get by on my salary. There were days I missed work simply because I couldn’t afford the gas to get there.

Minimum Wage: I work a half hour for a gallon of milk

For many families in our community, a trip to the grocery store means hours of work. I work for $8.00 an hour, just above the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Folks like me have to work a half hour to pay for a gallon of milk. Filling up the gas tank takes six hours of work.

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