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9 to 5 Wisconsin

For mail and phone inquiries:
207 E. Buffalo St, # 211
Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 274-0925
(414) 272-2870

Current Campaigns

Ban the Box

We believe in equal opportunity for everyone and an end to employment discrimination against the formerly incarcerated. This is why 9to5 Wisconsin has led campaigns in Milwaukee and Racine to remove the conviction history check box and other application questions about a person’s criminal background.

Paid Family Leave

No one should have to choose between a paycheck and the health and well-being of their family. We’re working to create a statewide paid leave insurance program allowing Wisconsin workers to take up to 12 weeks paid time off for personal illness, family illness, or the birth or adoption of a new child.

Social Good Ordinances

We want to encourage employers to adopt progressive workplace policies with social good ordinances. This would give extra points to companies bidding for a contract with the city if they have any of the following policies: ban the box, living wages, paid sick days, paid family leave, breastfeeding accommodations.

Latest Twitter Posts

While working people make difficult decisions between food, rent, utilities & meds, corporations are making record profits.

“Corporate profits have hit their highest level ever, and corporate profit margins... have hit the highest level in 70 years.”

This April's election is going to shape the future of Wisconsin for years to come. Pledge to vote! Get updates on what you need to know to get "vote ready" for April 4th! https://bit.ly/407cyYS

During the pandemic, kids, pregnant people, and people with disabilities on Medicaid didn't have reapply to keep their health insurance. Now that rule is ending, meaning thousands of people will have to reapply and may lose their insurance.

Child labor isn't gone- it's been hidden behind racism and taking advantage of undocumented immigrants. Now some states are looking to rollback child labor laws to take advantage of poor kids and putting them in danger. Read more 👇


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