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Last week I was incredibly excited to begin the celebration of 9to5’s 50th Anniversary! For 50 years you– our members, friends, and partners– have taken bold action to challenge the sexist, racist, and classist norms to work toward a future where we can thrive without worrying about economic hardships and we’re so excited to celebrate with you.

We announced our new logo and our big celebration event in Washington, D.C., where we’ll honor our accomplishments and feature special guests, a DJ, and live music. If you’re ready to celebrate with us, let us know by signing up for updates.

In Solidarity,
Leng Leng Chancey


For the first Equal Pay Day of the year, we need you to tell Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act! The Paycheck Fairness Act can help close the pay gap by empowering workers to discuss pay, making wage discrimination illegal, and giving solutions to workers who have been harmed by the racist and sexist discrimination that fuels the pay gap.

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Both housing bills supported by 9to5–just-cause evictions and local control of rent– have move to the Senate where they face an uphill battle.


Colorado is advocating for a bill that would overturn a ban that prohibits rent stabilization. The bill made it out of committee on February 17th.


Pledge to vote on April 4th to elect a Supreme Court justice! This election is critical to protecting our reproductive rights and voting rights. 

Celebrating 50 Years

Early 9to5 members spent cold winter mornings handing out the newsletter outside of subway stops and offices across Boston. They organized to fight against the inequities, unfairness, and outright harassment they were experiencing in the workplace and for protections for working women.

In the 50 years since this first newsletter was published, we’ve been working alongside working women on the issues we care about most. Over time we knew we had to center the voices of those impacted most- women of color, low-wage workers, and nonbinary people to create economic justice.

What We’re Reading

Biden has big ideas for fixing child care. For now a small workaround will have to do
Requiring manufacturers to support workers with childcare is a step in the right direction, but families and childcare workers need big solutions that serve all families. Congress needs to step up and prioritize solving the childcare crisis. 

Women’s Work Is the Backbone of the U.S. Economy
Care work is essential to the economy but is either underpaid or completely unpaid. This article explores how the way we view this work has changed and what policies are needed to create a future where everyone can thrive.   

Women of Color Lose Billions Each Year Due to White Supremacy and Sexism in the Workplace
Racism and sexism keep women out of high-paying jobs, and lower wages in women-dominated jobs — the largest driver of the wage gap. This article explains what it costs women of color and women with disabilities. 

Colorado Landlords Can Kick Out Renters Whenever They Want. A New Bill Is Trying To Change That.
Listen to 9to5 State Director Cesiah Guadarrama Trejo and member Jessie Krone discuss why the Just Cause Eviction Act is essential for Colorado.