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Winning Justice for Working Women

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CBS Milwaukee: Local worker’s rights groups react after Ryan says he wants to spend more time with family

Watch 9to5 Wisconsin Director Martha De La Rosa speak out on the rights of all workers — not just the Speaker of the House — to have access to paid leave to heal or care for a loved one.

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WKOW: Bill to expand Wisconsin’s time off law to give workers paid option

Check out this coverage of the bill 9to5 champions for Wisconsin paid family and medical leave insurance.

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Ban the Box Is a Win for Women

I know that this will open the door for families all over the United States to be able to bounce back, get on their feet, and make positive changes in their lives. It shows that one mistake does not have to define you for the rest of your life.

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When Can Black Women Stop Asking, ‘Ain’t I A Woman’?

I would like to know under what circumstances is it justifiable for a large adult male to physically assault an unarmed, teenage girl who is posing no physical threat to anyone?

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Black Women’s Fight for Motherhood

As we continue to discuss reproductive rights in this country, we cannot leave black women’s fight for motherhood out of the conversation. It is essential that barriers to motherhood be removed so that every woman regardless of race and socioeconomic status has the option to give birth to healthy children and raise them in a society where their lives are valued. That is reproductive justice that truly expands the meaning of “choice.”

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9to5 Op-Ed: From Prison to Public Service

Ban the Box initiatives are one step toward breaking the cycle of incarceration.

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