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Linda Meric: Unpredictable, Inflexible Schedules Burden Women; We Need Schedules That Work

Joi Jackson works full-time at a call center. As a single mom with four kids, she struggles to get her kids to and from child care. Schedule flexibility to meet family needs at her place of employment is practically nonexistent. She is faced with an impossible decision: keep her job so she can provide for her family, or quit her job so she can care for her family.

Media Coverage: Op-ed on Family Care in Georgia

How can you tell it’s campaign season in Georgia? The mudslinging and partisan rhetoric are in full swing. Incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal trumpets his record of moving Georgia to the No. 1-ranked “business friendly” state, according to a 2013 Site Selection magazine poll, while his Democratic challenger, state Sen. Jason Carter, promotes “an economy that works for the middle class.”

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