9to5 Kicks off 2013 Membership Drive

February 1st marks the kickoff of 9to5’s nationwide Membership Drive! Help celebrate 40 years of winning justice for working women by joining 9to5 today. During the months of February-April, you can join 9to5 at a discounted rate of only $20 (usually $40)!

Women and men across the country have joined 9to5 to stand up against sexual harassment and discrimination, fight for equal pay, and gain crucial supports in the workplace, such as childcare benefits. Now is the time to join the movement to improve women’s lives at work!

By becoming a member of 9to5, you will be part of a nationwide movement working to win change on issues such as paid sick days and family-friendly workplace policies. You will become an agent of change on the issues that directly impact your life!

As a member of 9to5, you will:

  • Have the power to change policy. 9to5 members have helped pass key legislation, including the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Family and Medical Leave Act, state health and safety laws, living wage ordinances, and anti-discrimination measures.
  • Be a leader for social justice in your community and nationally.
  • Gain workplace rights knowledge to win fair treatment on the job.

Membership Details:

  •  $20 Membership Drive Rate (available February 1 – April 30 ONLY)
  • $45 Special Deal: membership plus a 9to5 t-shirt (while supplies last)
  • $80 Sisterhood Rate: includes an additional membership for a low-income individual

How to join:

  • Click here to visit the membership page on the 9to5 website.
  • Visit our Facebook Causes page to join and donate – it couldn’t be easier!

— By Jessica Smith, 9to5 Colorado intern



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