Working with 9to5, fighting for justice and change!

As part of my Community Internship Project with 9to5, I participated in phone banking for the Membership Drive.  One of my highlights was calling member to ask him to renew.  He said, “Hold on Jackie, I have exciting news, I have a fiancé now, so instead of a single membership, I would like to add the new addition to my family to my membership. Would that be called the family plan?” He also said, “Hold on, let me get the spelling of her last name” and laughed.

I thought that was very sweet that he is still engaging with 9to5 and also wants to include his new family addition. It makes me feel that people do care about the causes that 9to5 campaigns for and continue to support us.   That kind of enthusiasm from the community makes me feel that what 9to5 does is important and I am glad that I can be part of that support.  Change is important and so is standing up for our community rights.  That is what 9to5 does.  Thanks so much for letting me be part of this movement and great organization.  As a new member now, I look forward to working with 9to5 and fighting for justice and change!

Jackie LaGrone, Community Intern

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