No Muslim Ban! Defend Immigrants and Refugees Now!

Just a week into his term of office, President Trump signed an executive order ending our country’s Syrian refugee program, suspending visas from seven majority-Muslim countries, and temporarily halting refugee resettlement.  

As women, we know our nation is stronger when we stand united against hate. We know our country is stronger and more dynamic because of its refugees, immigrants and religious diversity. Banning or profiling people based on their faith, ethnicity or country of origin is ineffective for our national security; fanning the flames of fear, bigotry and hate makes us all less safe. 

Women and children have the most to lose under these executive orders — three-quarters of all immigrants to the U.S. are women and children. Women who are mothers, daughters, sisters, neighbors, co-workers. Children whose families are being torn apart by unjust deportations and, now, these executive orders.

9to5 asks that you join us in pledging to defend immigrant and refugee children and families from hate. Will you invite 5 friends to take the Women’s Pledge of Unity with you?  

9o5 also knows that resistance and protesting the executive orders isn’t enough. Along with our partners in We Belong Together 9to5 will continue to call for what immigrant women and their families need – a path to citizenship that recognizes their contributions to our communities and our economy, reunites families, ensures higher education access for immigrant students, protects the rights and dignity of workers, and integrates immigrants into all aspects of community life. Immigrant women should have the opportunity to contribute their skills and talents fully to our country and reach their full potential. We will all benefit from an immigration process that leads to safe communities, healthy children and a strong economy.


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