New York Cares

Caring for loved ones and getting a paycheck shouldn’t be exclusive. Whether it’s taking care of a sick family member or welcoming a newborn, sometimes life forces us to step away from the workstation. That doesn’t mean we should be forced to give up the paycheck that provides for those same family members. Right now, New Yorkers are so close to getting the care they need.

The Paid Family Leave Insurance Act will provide workers in New York State with up to 12 weeks of paid leave a year to bond with a new child or care for a  family member with a serious health condition. This bill has already passed through the State Assembly and is reaching a tipping point awaiting a vote in the Senate.

This is where you come in, New York! Let your legislators know that you need time to care!

Paid family leave isn’t just a great idea for the occasional incident. Countries who offer paid leave to their employees (ahem, most of the developed world) actually see more productivity from those same employees. Which makes sense, right? No family worries, no distractions.





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