My Voice, My Power

I have found myself fortunate enough to be placed at 9to5 Atlanta through Georgia State University’s Masters of Social Work program. Words cannot describe how excited I was when I learned of my placement. I have always been passionate about female empowerment and equality among all people. While I have only been an intern with 9to5 since August, I could not be more pleased with the opportunity and education I have already received.

The Community Internship Program and Leadership workshops have encouraged me to exercise my people power! Approximately one week after attending the ‘Campaign Planning 101’ workshop, I attended a rally opposing the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) in Woodruff Park. I was able to use one of my classes as a platform to recruit people in my MSW cohort to join me- and 15 people attended the rally! Seeing that my presentation on the issue resulted in multiple people joining the rally, demonstrated that my voice has power. Through this experience, I realized how powerful people can be when they work together as they organize for social change.

My participation in the Community Internship Program is helping me develop stronger skill sets as a person and a professional. I have learned respectful ways to discuss controversial issues related to policy and oppression; about different strategies within community organizing; and concepts related to effective leadership. I have a stronger sense of what I should expect from our country and how to let my voice be heard on many levels. I now participate in signing petitions, attending rallies, emailing representatives on the federal and local level, informal communication with individuals about policy, and voting on all levels. Needless to say, I am exercising my people power!

I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to work alongside powerful women and participate in 9to5’s work. My academic year with 9to5 ends in May, but my relationship with 9to5 will continue! I know that my participation in 9to5 has and will continue to benefit me throughout my lifetime.

Jaime Hunn,
MSW Intern


The following is a video by SumofUs that includes a portion of my interview and shot of Georgia State University’s MSW cohort.

“I believe in people power. I want to keep the power with the people and not corporations.”

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