Help Kaitlin Power 9to5!

Goal $ 500.00
2% towards our goal
$ 10.00 raised

We all have a stake in building an economic, racial, and gender just world. At 9to5 we're pushing this forward with our campaigns that center these goals and the community members living the issues. This year we increased renters' protections, started building the paid leave program we passed last year, launched a climate justice campaign, and deepened the leadership of community members across the state....and more. We're making an impact in our chapter states and nationally.

I'm so grateful to be part of this team - the most badass, unapologetically values driven womxn I know. This work is hard, it takes time, and is so worth it. When you give to 9to5 you are investing in community leaders, rights for workers, renters and mobile home owners staying in their homes, challenging systems of oppression, and a future of thriving - not just surviving.

I believe in 9to5 and I hope you'll join me in fueling our work. No amount is too small or too large - THANK YOU!

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