We’ve entered the holiday season and that has me thinking a lot about what a “home for the holidays” really means. To me, it means that everyone – no matter where or how they live – deserves a home that is safe, stable, and comfortable. That’s why at 9to5 we’re working towards protecting the rights of people who live in all different kinds of housing.

In Colorado, we distributed almost $400,000 in rental assistance as part of our Rapid Response Care Fund and advocated for legislation that protects the rights of renters. We’re proud to be leaders in the fight for the rights of mobile home owners and tenants and our staff member Luz Galicia is being featured in a documentary about her and her neighbor’s fight to stop their park from being sold.

Right now we’re working to organize tenants of a large apartment complex to sue their big corporate landlord. The complex has had issues with infestations, cooling/heating problems, and safety and structural issues, so tenants are suing to push the corporation to provide decent living conditions or to allow them to break their lease early.

In Georgia, we’re working with partners to answer the question “Why are light bills so damn high?” in southwest GA. Many residents pay astronomical amounts for their light bills, often being forced to choose between their utilities and other necessities like medicine or groceries.

It turns out to be a mix of energy being monopolized, decades-long contracts, poor housing conditions that aren’t energy efficient, and climate change. You can read our report capturing what we know about the issue so far, and suggestions for where we can go from here. What’s happening in Albany is a nationwide phenomenon that is impacting working families everywhere. Basic public utilities shouldn’t be so unaffordable that people have to regularly wonder how they will make ends meet.

We know across the country, working people are facing housing insecurity and instability on a daily basis, and we are so thankful you are with us as we fight for housing justice. We all deserve quality, affordable homes that are energy efficient, where we are safe, and where we can enjoy special moments with our families.

In solidarity,

Leng Leng Chancey

Executive Director

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