Enough is enough.

At the end of 2013, Congress failed to extend the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program before they left for vacation. 1.6 million Americans have lost what little income they had. And what has Congress done in the new year? Nothing to help these families. 

The result?  Evictions, foreclosures and children without school clothing.  Congressional inaction means money taken out of a still-fragile economy.  Every week another 72,000 workers lose lifeline unemployment  benefits.

Enough is enough.

An effort is now underway in the Senate to restore the federal EUC program retroactively and extend it for three months so that a longer-term extension can be crafted.  This could be our last best chance to save these critical benefits for millions of unemployed job-seekers.

Join the nationwide call-in effort to urge the Senate to renew federal unemployment insurance.

Call 877-363-6141 to reach your U.S. Senators.
Tell them: No more games!  End the obstruction.  Renew federal emergency unemployment insurance and restore this vital lifeline for more than 1.6 million Americans now!

When you call, you will be prompted to enter your zip code and then connected to the office of one of your Senators. Please call twice so that you can contact BOTH of your U.S. Senators.

Every single call matters. We can flood the Senate switchboard and restore security to millions of American families.

Call now at 877-363-6141 and tell your Senators enough is enough. We must renew federal emergency unemployment insurance now.

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