December Newsline: Reflections & Highlights from the month!

Newsline December 2021

Hi friend, 

I hope I’m catching you in the middle of a peaceful and joy-filled holiday season. As we wind down to the end of 2021 I am feeling incredibly grateful for the overwhelming generosity that you, our members, partners, friends, and co-conspirators have shown us this month. We set an ambitious fundraising goal of raising $50,000 in 5 days – then challenged ourselves to raise that to $65,000 and, with your support, we did it! 

Our movement for economic justice is powered by you and with your help we’ll be able to take big, bold action on the issues you care about like paid leave, housing justice, voting rights and reproductive justice. And, we’re ready to tackle the new challenges that 2022 is sure to bring.  

In Solidarity
Leng Leng


There’s no easy way to say it– our right to choose when, if, and how many children to have is under attack. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like, we have the right to make decisions about our healthcare, our futures, and our ability to thrive. 

Reproductive justice is economic justice. When we’re able to decide whether and when we have children, we’re also making decisions that affect our economic futures and wellbeing. When access to abortion is restricted, women, people of color, and low-wage earners are most affected. Access to safe and affordable reproductive health care is critical to making sure that a person is able to make decisions not only about having children, but also about their education, career, and their ability to thrive economically. 

As we anxiously await the Supreme Court’s decision on our right to safe and accessible abortion, we’re continuing to pay close attention to the Build Back Better Act. At its core, this bill would begin to provide support for working families when they do decide to have children through paid leave, affordable child care, and universal pre-k and help our families thrive. 

Build Back Better would also extend the monthly child tax credit checks that have helped 10 million kids out of poverty and helped parents pay for rent, groceries, child care and other necessities. On December 15th, the last of these payments were sent out to families and will not continue unless Build Back Better is passed. 

In the New Year, we’ll keep you updated on what happens next and what actions you can take to protect reproductive justice and our families’ right to thrive.

Highlights from the field:


Colorado staff hosted their Making a Difference Donation Livestream. The event focused on 9to5’s role in the community, how to get involved, and how your donations make a difference together.


 Our team is collecting paid leave stories! By sharing your story, you can help us develop a report about the need for paid leave in Georgia and support our broader paid leave campaign efforts. Share your story today!


State Director Christina Thor wrote an op-ed on how Build Back Better offers just four measly weeks of paid leave to families and how this is just the beginning of this fight.

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