Action Alerts


Next week marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. That monumental event and the organizing that followed helped reshape our country and the economy. But we aren’t done yet. Call your Senators and Congressional Representative and tell them that, on this 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, we expect them to take action on the Voting Rights Act to protect the voting rights of all Americans.

Action Alert: Show Some Love for the 98% – We Need a Fair & Balanced Budget

Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative today and tell them to support working families by stopping tax breaks for the wealthy and protecting programs to help those most in need. We all need to pay our fair share. We cannot allow the burden to fall on the most vulnerable of our society or working families.

Action Alert: Sign our petition to make FMLA more affordable and accessible for working families

9to5 is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act, one of the most significant advances for working families in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, many people are still forced to go to work when they need to be at home caring for themselves or their families.

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