Blog: WI Leadership Conference is a Success!

A week ago, women from across Wisconsin came together in Madison for the 2013 Wisconsin Leadership Conference.

These women gathered around issues of work-family flexibility, economic security, and equal opportunity. Not only did they have that in common, but they also wanted to develop their leadership skills so they would be able to go back to their neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Madison, and Rhinelander and make a positive change.

After the first day of training, 9to5 member Gail Gant said,

“I feel empowered to get out and talk to women about what 9to5 is about. I want to be more involved with 9to5 and activities happening in my community where I can be a force for change.”

9to5 members took their new training and put it to work, talking to their State Senators and State Reps at the Capitol. They shared their stories about protecting WI Family Medical Leave, the need for Equal Pay Enforcement, and how important it is for Wisconsin to accept federal funds for BadgerCare.

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