Because We All Deserve a Second Chance


I find it hard to understand the logic of Christian Schneider’s June 2 column “Time to ban ‘Ban the Box.'” It seems to say that since many employers use racial profiling in hiring, we should just give up because bias can’t be changed. With that logic, we’d still have “white” and “colored” drinking fountains.

I’m glad to say that history has proven this view to be wrong. I personally don’t give up on people that easily. I think that people with criminal records deserve a second chance and that employers will — and have — changed their views of people with records and are able to look beyond race once there are laws in place that require them to do so. Employers as well as working people deserve a second chance.

Check out Nancy’s full Opinion piece, published in the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:–because-we-all-deserve-a-second-chance-b99738920z1-382022881.html

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