Achieving My Goals Through 9to5

My name is Gabrielle Hammons and I have the pleasure of learning from 9to5 Atlanta through their Community Internship Program (CIP). This is an 8 week program that teaches one to become a thought leader and truly understand aspects of grassroots organizing. We learn about strategies related to fundraising, public speaking, recruitment, and the legislative process. I applied to this internship after attending a leadership workshop by 9to5 and was impressed by how their actions are based on the needs of their members, and their strategies and success in increasing voter turnout by 16% in a community polling location.

Prior to joining the CIP, I was using my background in business and marketing to build creative messages and innovative models to enhance the conversation of voting and educating the community. What I wasn’t learning though my work was the intricacy of running a social program. As a technical person, I thrive on the small details and CIP has been quenching my thirst for information. Our facilitator, Charmaine Davis, has created an open and supportive environment among the women in this program, which allows space for personal connection.

My goal after completing CIP is to be in a confident position on an executive level to make change while educating and leading grassroots campaigns. My ultimate goal is world peace through understanding that building communities is essential to this progress.

-Gabrielle Hammons

2015 Community Intern



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