It’s been a year since the Supreme Court turned over Roe vs. Wade causing a disaster for women of color, low-income women, and women with disabilities. As of this week, more than half of states have enacted abortion bans or will enact them soon, affecting 15 million women of color. 

But in that year I also saw hope- we showed up in record numbers to the polls to elect leaders across the country who will work to defend and claw back our human right to choose when or if we have children. Together, we must continue to vote, raise our voices, and demand change until every person has their rights restored.  


In Solidarity,
Leng Leng Chancey


This year we recognized LGBTQ+ Equal Pay Day on June 15th and we’re keeping an eye on legislation that is a stepping stone to ending the discrimination suffered by too many. The Equality Act would make it illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people by businesses, landlords and lenders, the education system, and other vital systems.

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While landlords were being honored nearby, we joined our members to hold the Slummy Awards in protest of rising rents and bad conditions.


Join our 9to5 Georgia Team as we honor working women in the Armed Forces. Participate in an interactive panel decision on the challenges women in the Armed Forces experience when returning to the workplace after completing their service.


Join us July 20th for our virtual chapter meeting to meet our team and help us kick off our paid leave campaign.

Celebrating 50 Years

9to5: The Story of a Movement, a documentary that chronicles the early moments of our work at 9to5 had its world premiere on June 19, 2020. PBS aired the documentary on February 1, 2021 and it was later added to Netflix where you can still watch it today. 
The documentary captures early 9to5 history, action, and wins and has captivating interviews with founding members.The documentary was directed and produced by Academy-Award winning filmmaker Julia Reichert.  

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The American public gets it: We can’t achieve racial equity without paying all workers a living wage

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