The kind of big changes that we’re fighting for isn’t the kind that happens with just one candidate, or one state, or one election. Our shared vision for community and family sustainability means shifting the attitudes and beliefs to create the future we dream of. This November we inched just a little bit closer.

Across the country, we elected politicians that represent what we’re excited about and what we care about, like raising the minimum wage, paid leave, reproductive freedom, the climate, and child care.

Nationally there were big wins like: 

  • Protecting abortion access directly in Michigan, Vermont, and California and indirectly in so many other places by electing politicians who protect our rights.  
  • Washington DC raised the subminimum wage for tipped workers, and Nebraska, and Nevada raised their minimum wage. 
  • New Mexico passed a ballot measure that guarantees universal pre-k, a huge step forward for families and working people. 
  • Four states outlawed slavery (yes, in 2022). The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery except for when its a punishment for a crime and these states voted to outlaw the practice.  
  • People of color, LGBTQ+ people, and Gen Z were elected across the country. 
  • In several states, there were wins that will help fight climate change

In Georgia, we registered and canvassed in the weeks leading up to the election and there was a record turnout. As we head toward the runoff it is essential that we all show up to vote in December. Help your friends and neighbors double-check their registrations and sign our pledge to vote. In partnership with the National Women’s Law Center, we also published our report “2022 Survey: Black Working Women Voters in Georgia,” detailing some of the issues and key policies that are motivating likely voters, especially women of color in Georgia.

In Colorado, voters overwhelmingly voted for free lunches for school kids, lifting a weight from working families. We didn’t succeed in passing a No Eviction Without Representation, which would have provided free legal representation for people facing eviction in Denver. The Colorado chapter is now focused on the upcoming legislative session with campaigns for workers’ rights, housing, climate, and fair workplace policies.  


In two counties in Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly told their representatives to repeal an abortion ban from 1849. Abortion bans only serve to make it more difficult for women, people of color, and low-income earners to achieve the lives they want to live. We will continue to fight for a future where all people have the power and resources to make decisions about our bodies, families, and communities. 

Across the country women, people of color, and working people are fighting and voting for the policies that help our families thrive. We’re all part of a winning team and when we come together we make a real difference and move this country forward.