9to5 Wisconsin Community Justice Fellowship Program 2.0 has ended ! For this class duties included Class Work and Virtual Field Work on how to do community outreach and recruit new members, how to facilitate meetings, public policy work, political education and how to engage in campaign planning, racial equity, and gender justice along with assisting with the Wisconsin Spring elections. Please join us in congratulating them for all their dedication and hard work.

Community Justice Fellowship Participants:

Kate Meyer is part of the membership committee for the 2022 Spring Community Justice Fellowship. Kate is a freshman at UW-Madison, double majoring in education and history. Kate feels that the work she has done and everything she continues to learn from 9to5 is integral for her future as an educator to understand and advocate for her students and the communities she will be serving. This is Kate’s third year as a part of the Community Justice Fellowship, working previously on covid safety in the workplace and workers rights, and is continuing her work surrounding membership committees from last year.

Erin O’Brien (she/they) studied Government and International Relations at Lawrence University with a special focus on public schools and working families. Erin first became involved with 9to5 as a Summer ’21 Community Justice Fellow, and returned Spring ’22 as a fellow and university canvasser after completing their undergraduate thesis on racial and gender equality in Milwaukee as a component of 9to5’s Cities for CEDAW work. In her experience at 9to5, Erin has most valued the intergenerational learning relationships they’ve fostered with other women and the opportunity to explore the politicization of everyday life, especially regarding childcare and parental rights policies that gender labor allocation in the domestic sphere.

Scarlet Levy

I have always been interested in social justice work and have pursued that passion while getting my degrees in gender and ethnic studies at Lawrence University. Since then, I have worked on voting rights, reproductive health, paid leave and childcare in my work with 9to5 Wisconsin and the U.S. Census Bureau. I was especially drawn to 9to5 because of their commitment to bettering the community through their free outreach programs, local hiring policies and fair business practices.

Keyla Higa is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Governance of Migration and Diversity. She graduated from Lawrence University in 2020 with German and Global Studies majors. Throughout her college career, she sought opportunities for international education that brought her to China, England and Germany. She hopes to make use of her education to support nonprofit organizations providing programs, services and advocacy to and for underserved communities and vulnerable populations. Her long-term plan is to be able to work for the United Nations as she has always had a passion for access to quality education. 

Keyla’s involvement with 9to5 Wisconsin started in Summer 2020 as a part of the Community Internship Program. Despite being fully remote, she found the program to be a safe space to explore possible careers and it is very meaningful for her personally and professionally. It has exposed her to various lenses of policy and organizing works. She is excited to be back as a Community Justice Fellow this spring and learn more about Paid Leave Policy.