Quyana Barrow
Quyana Barrow has a strong background in mass communications and media production. She is an award-winning producer who has a passion for economic development and community investment. Barrow uses her talents and skills to highlight individuals and organizations making a difference. She believes that empowerment is at the intersection of education, investment, and opportunity. As a Community Justice Fellow, Barrow is looking forward to bringing together various communities to create a lasting change.



Jayla Chapman
Jayla Chapman is a senior Social Work student at Georgia State University. At Georgia State University, Jayla is involved in St. Jude’s Collegiate Events and is on the board as the Public Relations Director. She also enjoys volunteering at New Life Community Center to help with their emergency outreach program. She is most excited to be a fellow so she can advocate for the improvement of working conditions for women.



Noor Hillou
I recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a major in Genetics and a certificate in Health Disparities. As a Palestinian born in diaspora and from Atlanta, I’m passionate about maternal and infant health for black, indigenous, and brown communities, so I hope to become a physician who can become an advocate for my patient populations. When I have time, I love learning about ancestral healing practices and how they intersect with medicine– especially in birthing communities! I hope to incorporate birthing justice and radical community care into the work I do as an organizer and in my medical career.



Lauren Martin
Having been raised in the South & later spending 8 years in California, Lauren is passionate about amplifying progressive energy here in her home state. With extensive experience in event organizing and community engagement, she’s a deep believer in the power of collective action to transform society. Keeping her eyes forever turned towards the Sun, Lauren strives to bring more light, hope, and unity into the universe through all that she does.



Jessika David
My name is Jessika David. I live a lifetime of experience in serving others. From working along side my parents in the church, seeing them love and care for their foster children, and becoming an advocate for children experiencing child abuse and neglect, I have always wanted to be a voice for those who feel that their needs and feelings go unheard. This year, I will receive my Masters in Social Work, which will provide me a better opportunity to serve Georgia’s most vulnerable populations.



Khayla Doby
I was born and raised in Georgia and am dedicated to helping make Georgia a state for the people. I’ve been working to elect progressive representatives on the local, state, and federal level. Now, I am a part of the long-term work needed to build a multiracial coalition that will bring transformative justice to our communities.




Tené Harris
My name is Brianna Tené Harris; my preferred name is Tené. I am a 23-year-old Spelman College Alumna from Queens, New York. I currently live and work in East Decatur while pursuing an online Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Post University. My community advocacy focuses are affordable housing, homelessness, food insecurity, gender equality, racial and economic justice.




Pamela Grisham
I am a mother, educator, author, life coach and mentor. I love supporting my family and community. I work very close with kids to provide the educational tools they need to strive as adults. When I am not busy trying to save the world, I am vacationing and indulging in self care.





Bren Latorre-Murrin
Bren-Augustine is non-binary Boricua (Puerto Rican) originally from DeKalb County. Their background is in mutual aid work, and they’re always looking for ways to learn more about grassroots organizing and how we can implement decolonial practices in our communities. They love to study and collect insects, and enjoy learning about the natural world to feel closer to the earth and their roots. They gained their formal education in public health and entomology, and wish to practice medicine in a way that centers medically underserved communities in the future.



Linda Walton
My name is Linda Walton (CD)DONA, CNA, A.A.S, B.S. I am a healthcare professional with over 15 years of experience, mainly in geriatrics. Birth work as a doula and advocating for social justice are my current passions.