On Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, Walmart workers across the country will be going on strike.

These courageous women and men are demanding a living wage, better working conditions, and an end to illegal retaliation against strikers.

Join 9to5 as we stand up with Walmart strikers everywhere on November 29. Find a protest at a Walmart near you.

Last year on Black Friday, 30,000 Walmart workers and supporters went on strike in the largest national protest against Walmart. This year will be bigger. Since then, pressure against Walmart has intensified as more workers have stood up to the corporation, joined by women’s and labor organizations, faith communities, and legislators calling for change.

Walmart workers and others in this powerful movement are calling on President Obama to make good on his promise to stand up for working people.

Lend your voice. Sign the petition asking President Obama to meet with Walmart strikers and hear their story.

Black Friday isn’t just the largest shopping day of the year; it’s a chance to show the incredible strength of this movement working towards building an economy that values hard work. See you at the protests.