9to5 | Women’s History Brunch features our future leaders
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Women’s History Brunch features our future leaders

Women’s History Brunch features our future leaders

I was so excited to attend the 5th Annual Women’s History Brunch.  The lineup of speakers looked interesting and it was a chance for me to network and meet like-minded women with similar goals.  I wasn’t disappointed. Though there were a number of highlights, nothing was more moving then to see three of our future female leaders speak to their goals and who influenced them.

As a women’s leadership trainer, I find it important to align myself with women organizations and groups whose mission and values are similar to mine.  For the past year, I have been an active member and Movement Builder for  9to5, and I am proud of it!  The organization does an outstanding job fighting for the rights of women in the workplace.  In addition, they challenge lawmakers to stand up and make a change.  Because of their hard work and dedication to the cause, I continue to join them in the fight as a loyal member.

-LaKisha C. Brooks, M.Ed., MS, CPBA