Why I Became Involved with 9to5

By Tina Hatlevig

My name is Tina Hatlevig from Rhinelander, Wisconsin and I became involved with 9to5 because of the work they do to protect women in the workplace.

In October of 2004, I lost my job as a Union Labor worker due to sexual harassment on and off the job. 9to5 helped me find an attorney for the legal battles I was to take on. The sexual harassment at my work place was widespread and made the female workers feel unsafe. 9to5 walked me through the process of reporting the abuse and trying to make the workplace a healthier environment for everybody. The help that 9to5 has given me to take a stronger role at work has inspired me to get involved.

I have brought 9to5 to the Northwoods with an ad in the local paper, and weekly tabling to spread information and help others like me.

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