What Being A 9to5 Member Means to Me

By Stephanie Tierney

Ever feel like your friends and family members only call you when they want something? Those phone calls always begins with, “Oh do you mind…?” During 9to5’s Annual Membership Drive, I am not calling my friends and family to ask them to join 9to5 as a favor to me. Rather, I am asking those closest to me to join a movement that will enrich their lives by becoming a member. As a member and leader of 9to5 Colorado, I am proud to stand with my sisters to fight for equal opportunity in the workplace, family-supporting jobs and work flexibility.

9to5 is a community of activists where members respect each other and provide each other with boundless resources for success. As a member of 9to5, I have gained a supportive network in my personal and professional life. The connections I have made are for a lifetime. I cannot imagine my life or my job without my 9to5 network supporting me. They are my backbone; they are my voice.

When I talk to my friends and family members about what it means to be a 9to5 member, I share that members have the knowledge to make a difference in their workplaces and communities. 9to5 develops leadership, organizing, advocacy and fundraising skills. Members are cultivated to lead the organization. I take great pride in knowing I am a part of something bigger than myself. I am making an impact that will live on past my generation.

When I call my friends and family members during the Membership Drive, I will be offering them the opportunity to become a part of something revolutionary and unforgettable — the opportunity to be a part of something life changing. I hope you will join me and become a member today.


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