We Stand in Solidarity with Wisconsin Unions

Recently, a group of unions representing public employees, including teachers,  filed a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin Act 10. This law, signed the law in 2011 by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker despite some of the largest protests in state history, stripped collective bargaining rights from most public employees in the state. Forever changing the political landscape of Wisconsin. 

Filed in Dane County Circuit Court, the lawsuit argues that Act 10 is in violation of the “equal protection guarantee” outlined in the Wisconsin Constitution by dividing public employees into two categories – “general” and “public safety” employees. Giving employees which fall into the “public safety” category, including police officers and firefighters who supported the former governor, retained bargaining rights with respect to work hours and conditions of employment. While “general” employees lost these protections. 

9to5 Wisconsin stands in solidarity with Wisconsin unions’ ongoing efforts to secure what should be guaranteed rights for all Wisconsin workers.

The following are statements from Christina Thor, executive state director of 9to5 Wisconsin:

“As an organization dedicated to promoting fair and equitable treatment of all workers, 9to5 Wisconsin stands in solidarity with unions in their fight against Wisconsin Act 10. This harmful legislation undermines the rights and protections that workers need to thrive, and we believe that it is essential to restore the power of collective bargaining for all workers. 

We support unions in their efforts to challenge Act 10 and to advocate for a fair and just society where workers are valued and respected. We must work together to build a future where workers have the power to demand better wages, benefits, and working conditions.”

We will continue to share updates regarding the current lawsuit and our ongoing efforts to support our unions in this important fight.

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