We Can Do Better: Join us on August 26 for the Day of Action!

In August 1993, working families celebrated the implementation of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which allows some employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for their own illness, that of a family member, or the arrival of a new baby.

This was a huge victory, won after nearly a decade of organizing, for a critical law that still protects many families today. However, 20 years later, FMLA still provides only unpaid leave and covers less than half of the private sector workforce.

We can do better.

Women’s Equality Day – August 26 – marks the date that women finally won the right to vote. 9to5’s annual Day of Action celebrates this milestone by engaging members across the country to take action for women’s workplace rights. This year we will focus on updating and expanding FMLA – making it accessible and more affordable.

Mark your calendar for August 26, 2013 – join 9to5’s Day of Action! Or  sign 9to5’s pledge to support family-flexible policies that allow people to care for themselves and their families without jeopardizing their jobs or economic security. Click here to sign the pledge today! Or, take a picture for our photo project telling us what it would mean in your life if you had time to care for your health and family.

Check out one of our public events:

Los Angeles, CA: 8/26, Farmer’s Market outreach, 3182 Wilshire Blvd/Vermont Ave, 12pm-2pm

Denver, CO: 8/26, Celebration event at Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St. Denver, CO 80205, 6-8pm

Atlanta, GA: 8/29, Georgia State University courtyard (near Library North, entrance near the intersection of Courtland and Gilmer, Atlanta, GA, 12pm-2pm

Durham, NC: 8/26, Outreach on North Carolina Central University campus, 640 Nelson St, Durham, NC 27704, Time 12pm-2pm.

Houston, TX: 8/17, Farmer’s Market tabling, 3000 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77246, Time: 7:30am-12 or 1pm.

Appleton, WI: 8/26, Appleton Press Conference, Appleton Courthouse, 320 S. Walnut St. Appleton, WI, 3pm

Madison, WI: 8/26, Stroller Race to the Bottom Rally, State Capitol and East Washington Ave, Madison, WI, 12pm2pm

Milwaukee, WI: 8/26, Milwaukee Press Conference, Independence First, 540 S. 1st St. Milwaukee, WI, 11am

Oshkosh, WI: 8/26, Ice Cream Social to Keep Families First, Menominee Park, Pavillion #2, Hazel St. and Merritt Ave. Oshkosh, WI, 6pm-7:30pm

Wausau, WI: 8/26, Wausau Press Conference, 400 Block Park, Wausau, WI, 2pm

Here is a list of cities where individual members who are doing outreach to their friends, family, and communities:

Phoenix, AZ
San Jose, CA
Washington, DC
Bowdon, GA
Chicago, IL
Long Island, NY
Cleveland, OH
Philadelphia, PA
Athens, TX
Burlington, VT

For information about how to join our Day of Action contact Valerie (Valerie@9to5.org) or your local chapter.


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