Voces de Resistencia Episode 2: How We Organize

The majority of the 9to5 Colorado team are organizers, but what does it mean to be in this role? In this episode we’ll answer this question and share a day in the life in an organizer’s shoes – diving into what it takes to do this work and how we uplift the voices of our membership. Edith Mata, a seasoned organizer on our team, shares her experiences with host, our climate justice fellow Yocelyn Iboa. This episode is available in English and Spanish anywhere you get your podcasts. 

Hosted by: Yocelyn Iboa (in English and Spanish)
Directed by: Katherine Garcia
Edited by: Katherine Garcia and Sam Green
Produced by: Katherine Garcia, Sam Green and Yocelyn Iboa
Podcast art: Maria Yanta

Special thanks to 9to5 staff and our listeners!

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