Valuing Family, Valuing Dignity and Respect

Photo: Young Social Justice Leaders in Training
Pamela, with her nephew De’Angelo and daughters Sequoya (center), Lacy (right)

I have always advocated for women and children,” says Pamela Grisham. “But it wasn’t until I got connected with organizations like 9to5 that I found out that there are whole organizations filled with women with the same beliefs who are working together to create change!”

Pamela joined 9to5 Georgia about a year ago. She has attended many events, including Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, the Economic Justice Town Hall, Census 101 training, and most recently marching us in the MLK Day Rally. She has become a leading chapter volunteer, most recently doing voter turnout call for the 2019 elections.

Pamela has three children, ages 6, 9 and 22. “My children attend all 9to5 events with me,” says Pamela. “At 9to5 they learned that they are valued and that they deserve to be treated with dignity. Being involved in 9to5 has become a family tradition that they all hold very dear. I appreciate that 9to5 events are child-friendly. My kids have formed friendships with other children at these events, which creates even more of a sense of real community. I know they are learning 9to5 values when I hear them assert their rights to their friends!”

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