Colorado Chapter

Kwasi Dennis

Kwasi is a community and political organizer who was born and raised in Aurora, CO who uses They/Him pronouns. Kwasi has a deep commitment to simplifying public policy and other …

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Hannah Recht

Hannah is a community organizer who believes deeply in building collective power for systemic change. She has been working as a community and electoral organizer since 2016 in the areas …

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Sam Green

Sam joined the 9to5 communications team in February and currently manages social media and assists with digital projects. Prior to 9to5, she graduated with a BA in Media Communication and …

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Cesiah Guadarrama

Cesiah is the Associate State Director for 9to5 Colorado, her background is in organizing in mobile home communities and advocating for more renters’ rights at the local and state level. …

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Luz Galicia

LUZ GALICIA. is a single mother of two daughters Katherine and Diana, both already graduated from college. She also just became a grandmother to Dimitri two years ago. Luz was …

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Kaitlin Altone

Kaitlin first joined 9to5 Colorado as an intern while earning her MSW from the University of Denver. Prior to joining 9to5, her organizing work began as a canvass director, leading …

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Jessica Ramos

Jessica Ramos joined the 9to5 team in the fall of 2020. She joined as an Organizing and Legal Fellow and is primarily assisting with the Eviction Legal Defense program. Previously, …

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Edith Mata

Edith became involved in the Justice for Janitors movement in 2016 with our ally SEIU marching downtown alongside hundreds of other janitors like herself fighting for their rights.

Diana Castro

Diana Castro is a Coordinator for 9to5 in the Larimer/Weld county area. Before 9to5, Diana worked with organizations like Fuerza Latina and interpreted for the Poudre School District. Diana is …

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Ashley Campos-Torres

Ashley Campos W. is the Admin Coordinator for 9to5’s Colorado Chapter. Ashley graduated from Virginia Wesleyan University and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Hispanic Studies. …

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