Mica Whitfield

Mica Whitfield is a nonprofit leader and women’s advocate with more than a decade of experience in program development and advocacy. She is fiercely passionate about improving the quality of …

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Shanda Neal

Shanda is a firm believer that someone else’s opinion does not define you or what you can accomplish in life, if you are willing to fight. A graduate of Winston-Salem …

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LaToya Brannen

LaToya is passionate about closing the gender pay gap, and believes that women should have access to affordable, quality healthcare regardless of their citizenship and socio-economic status. She enjoys educating …

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Allison Glass

Allison is a new(ish) Atlantan, transplanted from her hometown of Memphis where she did statewide advocacy, grassroots organizing, training development and facilitation for more than 15 years. She was most …

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Nasreen Jilani

Nasreen joined the staff in 2005 and currently leads 9to5’s communications and fundraising strategy and practice. Nasreen holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Georgia State University. Before joining …

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Truth Freemyn

Truth Freemyn was the Principal Consultant of PBF Leadership Consultants for more than 20 years and Co-founder of truthfreemyninstitute & Wisdom Network Presents. She has been involved in leadership development …

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Linda Garcia Barnard

As an Organizer, Linda led a nationally recognized Contingent Work campaign and continues to support making paid leave a reality for all families.

Chineva Smith

Chineva is passionate about serving the community and empowering others in advocating for themselves because as a mother she has also experienced similar if not the same issues as the 9to5 members.  

Charmaine Lang

Charmaine Lang has been a part of the reproductive and racial justice movement for a decade as an organizer, trainer, and leader. After the 2016 Sherman Park Uprising in Milwaukee, …

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