The Face of the Wage Gap: 9to5 Members Speak Out

What does pay inequality look like?

For Kiki it looks like being denied job after job, just because she’s a single mom.
For Yolanda, it looks like the double burden on her paycheck of being Latina and a woman.
For Shelby, it looks like needing to take unpaid time off work to care for her family.
For Leisa, it looks like old-fashioned discrimination and wage secrecy.

9to5 members are speaking out, telling their personal stories of the wage gap.

You can help! Take a few minutes to read these powerful stories, then share them:

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Why now? Just today, President Obama has announced executive action banning retaliation against employees of federal contractors who disclose or inquire about their wages — a huge victory for these workers and their families! Now it’s time for Congress to do its part and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act (PFA) to extend this and other protections to all workers. Last week, the Senate held a hearing on this crucial bill. Your Senators are expected to vote on the PFA in the coming weeks. Tuesday, April 8, is Equal Pay Day, when 9to5 and organizations across the country will hold a national day of action to protest the gender wage gap.

It’s never been more important to share personal stories and remind our communities and legislators that pay inequality is not a thing of the past.

Join the effort to close the wage gap! Share these stories with your networks on Facebook and via email.

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