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CALLING PARENTS & GUARDIANS : Help us keep our kids in school without locking up parents. We are building a case for a more effective school attendance policy than one that just punishes hard working parents. Take the survey now.

Have you been affected by school truancy policies? Read Veronica’s story and take the survey now.

Hi, I’m Veronica from San Jose. If you’re like me, you try every single day to get your kids to school and yourself to work on time. When there isn’t a penny to spare, it’s an incredible challenge. Even though I work, I can’t afford a car, and my kids have to walk to school. I still need cash aid for my children, even though I am working as many part -time hours as I can.

A few years ago, my teenage daughter was going through a lot of changes and began to cut class and show up late for class. The school officials let me know and I worked it out with my child. But it was frightening to be threatened. The school labeled my daughter a “truant” and under current laws, this is bad, bad news. The education code defines a “truant” as any child over six who is absent from school or more is than 30 minutes late to class without a valid excuse – for 3 days in the school year. Because of this label, the school must inform both CalWORKS and the District Attorney.

CalWORKS parents can have their grants reduced and can face court charges and fines – and even jail time – from the District Attorney!. This double penalty is UNFAIR and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

9to5 is working to pass a law that will remove the CalWORKS school attendance double penalty. Can you help by adding your voice? We really need your input to win this!

Here is the link to an anonymous survey: 9to5 Survey

It won’t take long.. And 9to5 will make good use of the results to push for passage of the “School Participation and Fairness to Families” law this spring!

Thank you so much. For more information and to volunteer to help our committee, call our 9to5 California office at 213-201-7029 Mon-Friday, or call 9to5 organizer Cathy Deppe directly at 408-206-7992.


Veronica – 9to5 member from San Jose, CA

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