Strength, Hope, and Resistance in the Face of Charlottesville Terrorism

We are outraged and heartbroken at the acts of white supremacy and terrorism carried out in Charlottesville, Virginia. Although this violence is woven into the history of our country, we also know that it has been propelled by the language and policies of the Trump administration. This violence continues to be enacted each day through policies threatening DREAMers and immigrants, attacking Muslim communities, and tearing away at support systems for low-income women and families.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to deepen our commitment to love, resistance, justice, and to each other. It’s time to re-ground ourselves in our road map we set out for 2017 and beyond. 9to5 is committed to serving as a beacon of hope no matter what the forces of evil and racism bring to block our path, and we ask you stand beside us, shoulder to shoulder.

For anyone asking “What can I do?” we’d like to share the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Community Response Guide: 10 Ways to Fight Hate.

To find a local event to Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville, enter your zip code into the Indivisible website.

As we face this rise of white supremacy in today’s political landscape, 9to5 remains committed to bringing powerful women together to organize for the real changes we need to achieve justice and equality for our broader communities. 9to5 is a place of progress and hope, where people can get involved in building a better world together.

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