Spring 2022 Wrap-Up

As I celebrate one year of my role as State Director for the 9to5 Wisconsin Chapter, I want you to know that I stand committed to achieving economic justice for ALL working women in our community – a historically diverse community that has belonged to all of us. 

As an Asian-American woman raised by refugees, I have experienced and felt the war, terror, and unjust system pressing up against low-wage families tirelessly trying to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck. This is not just the right thing to do, it’s personal. 

Since 2018, I have organized to fight for $15 minimum wage and combat oppressive legislation; and now, I am working hard to heal our historically disenfranchised communities. I have advocated for greater equity, access, and alternative and innovative ways to engage communities with intentional and deeper relationship building.

Throughout the past year, I stood shoulder to shoulder with members to fight for people-centered governance and more courageous solutions for equitable policies. The consequences of inaction are so great, that’s why I know and believe there is so much power in organizing across and at the intersections of our identities.

For the remainder of this year, 9to5 will be reaching out to members to engage in important conversations regarding our priorities and what it looks like to maximize your 9to5 membership. We will dive more into what’s to come and how we can prepare for it. I encourage you to have your voice heard by attending meetings, completing surveys, and/or submitting comments to our Chapter email, 9to5Wisconsin@9to5.org.

I am humbled to be your comrade during this time of unrest. I wish you all a wonderful summer ahead, and look forward to our collective healing.

In peace and solidarity,

Christina Thor

9to5 Wisconsin State Director

Congratulations to Our Community Justice Fellowship Program 2.0 Participants!

9to5 Wisconsin Community Justice Fellowship Program 2.0 has ended! Our Fellows went through at 12-week intensive training to gain hands-on learning and opportunities  for advocacy and organizing skills and strategies, community outreach and recruitment, meeting facilitation and coordination, public policy work, political education and how to engage in campaign planning, racial equity, and gender justice along with assisting with the Wisconsin Spring election. Please join us in congratulating them for all their dedication and hard work.

To learn more about our participants CLICK HERE.

  • On Thursday, April 28, Truth Freemyn, 9to5 Wisconsin’s Leadership & Training Manager, shared our mission, impact, and work at the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee – Celebration of Impact annual gathering. The atmosphere was invigorating, and the room filled with inspiration and hope!
  • On Wednesday, April 27, 9to5 Wisconsin joined other community organizations to meet with Attorney General Josh Kaul to discuss how he will continue to protect workers’ rights and labor enforcement for all Wisconsin working families.

On Saturday, May 14th, 9to5 Members Diana Garza Valencia and Becca Linekin attended the first annual Hmong American Day festival in Appleton and engaged with members of the Hmong community! 9to5 Wisconsin is a proud co-founder and co-sponsor of this historic community event!

Campaign Highlight:

On Tuesday, April 12, Milwaukee County passed its paid parental leave ordinance which grants 8 weeks of paid leave for working parents. 9to5 Wisconsin State Director Christina Thor, along with County officials and supervisors, spoke about the urgent need of family sustainability policies and its importance for bridging the gender gap in the workplace.

Christina Thor, 9to5 Wisconsin State Director’s remarks:

“It’s time we erase workplace taboos. It should not be a crime to be pregnant at work or to start a family and to be asking for time off to focus on care.“

9to5 is a strong supporter of normalizing paid leave because it bridges the gender gap. Working mothers are often juggling multiple jobs, one at work and one at home. Many do not and cannot return to the workforce or sometimes decide to take on reduced roles. When women are forced to choose between family and work, our economy suffers both statewide and nationally. We live in an economy where, for millions, working full-time isn’t enough to pay the rent, bond with their newborn, focus on self-care and mental health, and put food on the table.

To read the full blog article CLICK HERE 

Join Our Team!

We are currently looking for people to join our Wisconsin team as we continue to grow. Click the link below for more information on each role and how to apply!

Take Action:

The current baby formula shortage has been a major hit to our working families in Wisconsin and has put the health and development of our children at risk. 

Senator Tammy Baldwin has been at the forefront of the fight for equitable laws and policies. Most recently, she has led the fight in ensuring big manufacturers address the crisis to get baby formulas on shelves ASAP. 

Join us in sending Thank You cards to Senator Tammy Baldwin for her continuous work in prioritizing the needs of working families in Wisconsin! 

Collective Liberation Series:

April Meeting Recap

Our April Collective Liberation Series (CLS) –  Voter’s Voices Roundtable was electrifying! We discussed the excitement for the City of Milwaukee’s election of its new mayor, and him  the first African-American to win the mayoral seat. We also spoke about how we hold our elected officials accountable for their campaign promises while representing our communities and those who voted for them. 

Panelists responded to voter’s questions and concerns about redistricting, locating their pollings places, inflation, concerns around healthcare, housing and mask mandates. We also discussed public & school safety, the significance of the school board races and the lack of judicial candidates on the ballot. 

May Meeting Recap:

We celebrated Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with our very own State Director, Christina Thor, who shared her lived experience and Hmong ancestral journey coming to America. Facing war and oppression in Asia, and racial discrimination in America, she believes her community’s strength is rooted in resiliency and hope. 

As we continue our Collective Liberation Series and dive into our shared experiences, we will continue to see how the strength in collectivity is the key to achieving justice for everyone. 

Members responded to how our education system deliberately leaves out critical information about the Vietnam War, unveiling its hidden history of terror, such as the Mỹ Lai Massacre and Gulf of Tonkin incident. In addition, a Latinx community member resonated with how the Hmong community sought refuge in Thailand, and now in America, and how history is now repeating itself among other communities. 

Don’t miss our on our June meeting – visit 9to5.org/JuneWImeeting to RSVP and stay up to date on future meetings!

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