Sign the Petition–Raise Up Massachusetts Workers

Massachusetts workers deserve more–and are doing something about it.

The Raise Up Massachusetts campaign is collecting signatures across the state to get two initiatives on the ballot for November 2014–one to raise the minimum wage and one to provide earned sick time for all Massachusetts workers.

The deadline to submit a total of 226,000 signatures is Nov. 20–less than a month away! Over 150,000 signatures have been collected and more than 92 organizations statewide have pledged their support.

But your help is needed!

Find an event near you to sign the petition and ensure these issues can be voted on. 

The initiative to raise the minimum wage would help secure a raise to the parents of 277,000 children in Massachusetts. The earned sick time measure would ensure that no one would risk losing their job to care for their health or that of a sick family member.

You can help this exciting campaign succeed! Use this site to find where you can go in your area to sign the petition. Bring a friend, tell your neighbors, or volunteer to help gather signatures. Together, workers can raise wages, raise their rights on the job, and raise up Massachusetts.

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