Share Your Experience With Being Pregnant on the Job!


Healthy families are important to building strong communities and a strong economy.

Wisconsin law does not always support responsible pregnant workers. These days, multiple incomes are essential for most families to pay for the basics like food and utilities. Pregnant employees rely on each paycheck up to their due date. After the baby is born, many mothers cannot afford to take full 6-12 week maternity leave.

To make matters worse, over the past decade, the number of pregnancy discrimination charges has increased by 35% nationwide. It’s more difficult than ever for a new mother to be a responsible parent and care for her family. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.


Strong families start when pregnant workers are able to carry out a healthy pregnancy and not have to worry about being forced into early leave, or losing their job.

Have you been pregnant on the job? Share your experience with 9to5 to help us make the case for change that working women need!

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