Pennsylvanians know what’s best

Pennsylvanians should have the right to enact laws to improve your lives, your jobs, and your local economies. But corporate lobbyists are at the state legislature trying to push their own agenda over Pennsylvanian communities’ needs.

HB 1807 would prohibit cities and counties in Pennsylvania from adopting their own laws on paid sick days and other workplace standards.

Undemocratic “preemption bills” like this are part of a nationally coordinated effort from the restaurant industry and other special interest corporate lobbyists.

We can stop this in Pennsylvania.

Sign the petition calling on the state government to oppose HB 1807 and respect the voices of Pennsylvanian communities.

Then, use the “Forward to a Friend” button on the right to share this with family, friends and neighbors. Together, we can protect the rights of Pennsylvanian communities to speak for themselves.

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