Media Coverage: Op-ed on Family Care in Georgia

How can you tell it’s campaign season in Georgia? The mudslinging and partisan rhetoric are in full swing. Incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal trumpets his record of moving Georgia to the No. 1-ranked “business friendly” state, according to a 2013 Site Selection magazine poll, while his Democratic challenger, state Sen. Jason Carter, promotes “an economy that works for the middle class.”

Blog: White House Summit on Working Families

For me, the White House Summit on Working Families was priceless! I was able to visit our nation’s capital and sit in the presence of President Obama and our First Lady, as well as Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, as they talked about working family issues.

Statement: 9to5 Applauds Executive Action on ENDA, Calls on House to Take Action

The right to work free from workplace discrimination and harassment is a fundamental human right supported by the vast majority of Americans across demographics and political lines. But currently, lesbian, gay and bisexual employees in 29 states, and transgender employees in 32 states, are still working without protection against employment discrimination.

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