Women’s History Brunch Coming in March!

Please join us for our 4th annual Women’s History Brunch. This year’s theme is “We Can Do It!” We will have a catered brunch and we will be hearing from a panel of women who have been able to achieve success against all odds, especially in male dominated fields.

Huff Post: The Healthy Families Act: For Healthy Families, Healthy Businesses and a Healthy Economy

Senator Patty Murray (WA) and Representative Rosa DeLauro (CT) re-introduced the Healthy Families Act (HFA) on the heels of another city victory in Philadelphia (February 12) – legislation called for by President Obama in his State of the Union address that will establish a much-needed national paid sick days standard.

9to5 at the Women’s Policy Summit

Read about the experience of a 9to5 member who recently joined the 2015 Women’s Policy Summit on Advancing Women’s Health, Wealth and Power, and what she learned about the issues facing women in California.

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