Stop Punishing My Family for Being Poor

I don’t want to be on welfare. I’m in school and trying to use CalWORKs benefits as a tool to get back on my feet and provide for my family. But welfare policies that assume I’m trying to game the system make it an uphill battle.

Supreme Court’s ruling a victory for Peggy Young, but not enough for all pregnant workers

The court’s decision tells employers that if they are providing accommodations for most non-pregnant workers who have injuries or disabilities, while refusing to accommodate most pregnant workers who need it, they are likely violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act by placing a significant burden on pregnant workers. The decision represents important progress for pregnant workers.

Event: Equal Pay Day

Please join us Tuesday, April 14th 2015 for this years event where we will be hearing from a panel of women legislators, women who have run for office, and more!

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